Why People Suck, Part 1

People suck.

Like, a lot.

Just how hard is it to smile or return a smile when you meet someone on the street? I cannot tell you the number of times I have tried to interact with people, only to have them ignore my attempt at friendliness. Look, I’m not asking for them to embrace me or plant a lip-lock on me, but for crying out loud, how tough is it to simply say Hello? I understand that these folks are probably just slightly above troglodyte on the evolutionary scale, but even the most prehistoric of man is capable of even a monosyllabic grunt.

This is a huge reason why this world sucks so much sometimes: we treat everyone with apprehension and suspicion. We wonder what a person wants from us when they pay us a compliment. We contemplate what that simple smile could mean: is it a silent death threat or something as equally maniacal or evil?

So, that is Part 1 of why people suck. It’s sad that this will be a multi-part dissertation, but humanity on a whole has gifted me with such a plethora of examples, that I feel this will become an ongoing series.