A Society of Impatience

Why are we always in a hurry?

We’re like mice (though some people are far more similar to rats) – constantly hurrying from one place to another, always on the move searching for that proverbial bit of cheese. We drive fast. We eat fast food. We text rather converse orally. We DVR shows, so we can speed through commercials.

We’ve become an Impatient Society.

A perfect example: I watched a moron on the street corner the other day repeatedly push the button for the crosswalk signal. I mean, this dolt pushed the button from the time he arrived at said intersection until the crosswalk signal changed. I would safely say he pressed this close to 50 times. I’ve also seen neanderthals press the button repeatedly, only to cross anyway without waiting for the change.

I struggle not running these idiots over.

A friend of mine once said, while looking at a tombstone, that we are nothing but the dash between when we are born and when we die. No truer words were ever spoken, based on our constant day to day dash towards everything.

Slow down, people. Appreciate things. We weren’t made to live life in fast forward. Use your pause button once in a while.

You might actually get a moment of enjoyment.