Get over it and move on….

There was a lot of discussion last week about “romphims”, basically rompers for men.   Some like them, some don’t.  It’s the same with just about every new fad that comes along.   Do I like them.  Nope.  I think they look ridiculous.  So do a lot of country stars.  They’ve made comments about them, including Chase Rice.  He made his comments on twitter, and if you saw them it was probably because you were following him on twitter because you cared about what he had to say.  He said, “First dude I see wearing a “guy romper” I’m pouring a beer all over his head and flicking him in the eye.”  I chuckled when I read it, and I think it’s his right to say whatever he wants.  But a lot of his followers were commenting that he has no right to say the things he said, how awful it was, and he should take it down because it’s a threat.  Does anyone think for one minute that this man would hop off stage if he saw someone in a guy romper, pour beer over their head and flick them in the eye?  Really?  I think he has a right to make those comments, just as people have the right to disagree.  But why make such a stink over it.  If you don’t like it….don’t follow him, don’t read what he has to say.  It’s that simple.  Sometimes I think social media is nothing more than a platform for people to find things to complain about.  Trust me, we have bigger fish to fry than worrying about Chase Rice flicking someone in the eye.