There’s always next year…..

I am not really a huge hockey fan.  This is the first year I have even watched more than one game.  But I was really hoping the Predators would win the Stanley Cup.  I’m a Bruins fan so it’s not that….it’s how the entire country music industry seemed to get behind the team.  The captain of the team is Mike Fisher, who is married to Carrie Underwood.  But the number country artists that backed the team and were there for the games went far beyond that.  Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Thomas Rhett, Little Big Town, and many other were posting on social media, singing the national anthem and throwing all their support behind the team.  Concerts on the streets before the games during CMA Fest turned that town into one big party!  I sure looked like it was a lot of fun!  But, even though I was hoping the Preds would win for them, I am still a Bruins fan….no bandwagon jumping here LOL.