Taking Pictures

I like to take pictures, a lot of people do.  Mostly with my cell phone.  I think the number of people that actually own cameras has probably dropped a lot since smart phones have such great cameras in them now.  I’m not one that complains about what others post on facebook, I figure that’s their page they can post whatever they want.  But, nothing can compare to the real thing.  I was thinking about this as I was looking at the picture of a beach in Bermuda that I had taken.  It’s a really nice picture, but pictures just don’t do it justice.  Like a breathtaking view, we can take great pictures, but they just can beat being there.  And watching fireworks on TV, nice, but it’s better in person.  It’s a shame that people who are watching fireworks are doing it through the lens of their smartphone instead of just enjoying them.  The same with concerts…wouldn’t you enjoy it more if you left your smartphone in your pocket?  Take a couple pics for memories, and then enjoy the show.  Take a few pictures, post ’em on facebook, but don’t forget to live life and enjoy the moment for yourself!