Recharge your batteries!!

Vacations are great for recharging your batteries!  I’m just had a few days off and it’s really nice to take a break and enjoy the time, even if you don’t go anywhere.  But, according to a new survey way too many people are not taking a vacation this summer.  And a lot of them are skipping vacations because they can’t afford it or can’t get time away from the job.  About half of the people surveyed said that they aren’t going anywhere because they can’t afford it.  But they should at least take the days.  As much as we like to think we are needed, work keeps going without us just fine.  So, take the days, sit around the house in your PJs if you don’t have anything else to do.  Watch the movies that you haven’t had time to see or sit back and relax and read a book that you’ve been wanting to read.  But, take the time to recharge your batteries.