The LPGA and their new dress code

The LPGA has come under fire recently with their updated dress code regulations.Some are saying the new dress code is sexist and I tend to agree. Removing my gender from this (as a man, I admit that many of the golfer’s are sexy and their attire can accentuate that), I admire above all else the athleticism and the hard work that many of these women do to maintain an athletic build and to be in great shape. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to wear clothes that show off their efforts? There is not one LPGA Professional that I have watched that dresses “sleazy” or “inappropriate”. Yes, some skirts are short and yes, some shorts are tight, but never to the point of being degrading.

Check out Golf Digest’s article:

What do you think? Should the Professionals of the LPGA be allowed to be scrutinized so harshly, to the point of having fines levied against them? Does their attire detract from who they are or from their amazing skills and talents as it pertains to the sport of golf?

The sad part is that these rules are more than likely put into place by some gaggle of geriatric men, whose idea of “conservative dress” involves woolen dresses, starched collars and bonnets from the pioneer days.

A woman can be both professional AND sexy. It’s her choice and until the public and those that attend LPGA events complain, I say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”