Texting and Driving

I saw it again yesterday.  A young woman in a mini van with kids, texting while at a red light and still texting and driving when it turned green.  It’s bad enough to text and drive, it dangerous not only to you but to the others on the road.  But to do it with your own kids in the car is just stupid.  You may think you can “multi task” and you aren’t gonna get hurt.  You may think that whatever you are texting is super important and it just can’t wait.  You think you won’t get caught.  You think it’s other people that get into accidents, have to pay tickets and get points on their license.  Maybe “it’s just this once”.  But it only takes once.  And let’s just say you are totally in control while you are texting (which you are not)….what happens when another driver makes a mistake and your eyes are off the road and you can’t react.  Is it worth the lives of your kids?  Is whatever is in that text so important that it’s a fair trade for someone to die so you can read and reply?  And before you even think it, I do not text and drive.  I pull over if I think it’s important.  Or if someone else is in the car, I have them read it and tell them what to reply.  Nothing is worth more to me than my family.  How about you?