Whose ticket is it?

There was a story this week about a man that went to cash in a 5 million dollar lottery ticket and was told that he couldn’t have the money because his son had purchased the ticket and his son was only 16.  The guy is saying they are his tickets, and that his son just picked them up so he should have the money.  What the kid actually did was exchange some winning tickets for 5 other tickets, one of which was the winner.  The lottery commission is saying that because the boy is a minor, he is not legally able to play the lottery.  I can understand if they have proof that the boy actually scratched the ticket. I guess this is why it’s going to court, it’s a very gray area.  But short of proof he scratched it, I don’t think they have a case.  What if that same kid went to a video store and bought a movie that was rated NC-17?  Maybe he bought it for a gift and never watched it himself.  Unfortunately, we probably will never hear what the outcome of the case is.  We usually hear about stories when the lawsuits are filed and they forget that we might want to know how it comes out.