Have you ever lost an earring?

Whenever I wear my diamond earrings, I am always touching my ear to make sure they are still there.  Silly I know, but the last thing I want to do is lose a diamond earring.  If that earring was worth 150k I don’t think I would be able to keep my hands off my ears LOL I probably would be so worried about losing one that I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to wear them!!  That’s me.  That is not Julio Jones.  Earlier this year the Atlanta Falcons wide receiver lost an earring in the lake when he fell off a jet ski.  A 150k earring.  Who wears 150k earrings to the lake????  He was upset he lost it, so he hired an entire dive team to look for it.  He probably spent more on the dive team than he did the earring.  He never did find it.  To put it in perspective, Julio Jones losing $150,000 on his salary is like someone earning $50,000 each year losing $528.  But still, my advice would be to leave the expensive diamonds home when your goofing off at the lake.