I have a friend that could be a professional spell-checker.  I am always careful when I send him stuff, because I don’t want to get caught.  But we both like to laugh at major spelling errors in places that are a little harder to correct than what spell checker can handle.  Like the sign on the road in front a school that is spelled “SHCOOL” .  So when I saw this story, I had to pass it along to him. But I always find that when I pick on something like this, I am extra careful afterwards not to make the same mistake.  That would just be inviting trouble, and I am not one to pick on others for something I do myself.  But, have you noticed that the “younger generation” really doesn’t care about punctuation and capitalization the way we were taught?  Now, it seems like it’s more important for students to get their feelings out than to spell the words correctly.  I understand that can be a barrier for some kids….so let them get their feelings out, then teach them how to edit their paper and fix the spelling and grammar.  There is nothing wrong with that.  If they can’t handle the spelling, they could always go to Wichita Staty Universite.