Why don’t people actually use crosswalks?

I get really frustrated when I am trying to cross the street here at work and cars don’t stop.  Even if I am in the crosswalk, they don’t stop.  But, I am still amazed by the number of people that jet out in front of cars without going to the crosswalk.  And just today, 2 separate times I saw people cross with a crosswalk just a short distance away.  A new crosswalk by the way…the nice ones that the city has been fixing downtown.   The whole purpose for them is to make it safer for us to cross.  And they are doing a beautiful job of making Strongs Avenue in Rutland look more appealing.  So how about we make things safer for those walking and just use the crosswalks.  Wait for a cross signal….cross at the crosswalk.  It’s not that tough.  Really.