Summer is almost over!!

Uh oh.  Panic time LOL.  Summer is winding down.  Think about all those things that you promised yourself that you were going to do or get done this summer.  How’s that working out for you?  I know that every year, about this time, I am thinking of the things I should have done and didn’t.  I wonder if I just put too much on my personal list of things to get done around the house, or if I just spend to much time doing other things.  Whatever the reason, There are things that I planned on doing that are still not done.  Painting a fence and the porch, working on the basement, cleaning the garage – and other assorted things around the house.  But then I think about some of the fun things I did.  And the time I spent with the ones I love.  That is far more important to me in the long run than whether my fence gets painted.  Life is too short.  I think I might have to put some of that stuff on a list for next summer.