My Ideal Dream

So, I bought a Powerball ticket the other day (but, as I am posting this blog, it should be obvious that I didn’t win…) and had already set into motion my plans for my life post-Powerball winning.

I have simple dreams. I’m not one who desires to travel or to own homes in multiple locations around the world. I dream only of time. Time to read the multitude of books that have piled up on my bookcase that I am behind on reading. Time to watch the movies that have piled up on my entertainment system that I am behind on watching. Time to catch up on the plethora of shows I have bookmarked on Netflix that I do not have the time to watch. What fleeting moments of time I possess now seem to be occupied with less than exciting things like: cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc.

Here’s how I envision starting my new life, following winning the Powerball: I would turn on my smart phone and I would start walking into a wooded area. I would continue to walk until I found myself in a place where I had no cell service. Then I’d know, I was home. I’d build a massive log cabin and would barricade myself inside for roughly six months, before venturing out in the world again (groceries would be brought to me by heavily-tipped delivery girls).

(FYI: I would however require satellite service, as no amount of money would keep me from watching the NFL Sunday Ticket)

I would own several dogs, maybe some cats, birds and other assorted animals. I would drink beer and liquor and grill constantly. I would nap often and never wear a watch.

It’s dreams like this that help me make it through rough days. What about you? What are your “lottery dreams”? What do you dream of that can brighten your dark days?