Tips on Tips

I believe that there are a few jobs that everyone should have to do at least once in their lifetime to have a better appreciation for the job itself. To name a few: retail during the holidays, having to retrieve carts at a supermarket in the following conditions; heat, rain and snow, a tour in the military and working as either a member of waitstaff or bartender at a restaurant. These are all thankless jobs and many people mistreat these folks, because they do not comprehend what it takes to do them. With the exception of being in the military, I have drudged through each of the previous professions.

The topic today though is the waitstaff/bartender gig. As a part-time bartender (and someone who dabbled briefly in the waitstaff field), I understand the hardships that occur while doing this line of work: rude customers, low pay, always on your feet; but, nothing is worse than when you are left a really bad tip.

I routinely tip 20% minimum. You would have to be one of the worst servers I have ever run across for me to go below that. As a matter of fact, I would still tip you the full 20%, but also be upfront and honest with you as to why I was tempted to do otherwise. Everyone has a bad day or an off night. So, unless you pour my beer over my head deliberately or spit on my food as you sit it down, you’re probably going to do all right with me.

So, why are people such jerks to waitstaff? Is it the ability to have a power trip? Is it because you’re bossed around at work or at home and this is your outlet? If so, get a punching bag and take out your aggression on that! Did you have a bad day and need to vent and blow off steam? Call your buddies or someone you can talk to rationally. Maybe you’re just a cheapskate. Or maybe you just have no earthly idea how freaking hard it is to do that job. Hence, why I think it’s a good idea to have it be mandatory.

So, please remember the next time you go to a restaurant to be kind to your waiter, waitress or bartender. They have a tough job and they are doing their best to make you happy. Return the favor.

Or you may find yourself drinking watered down drinks on your next visit.