Lost in a corn maze….

When I was a kid I got lost at Story Town.  You know it as the Great Escape now, so I’m showing my age.  We didn’t have cell phones or anything so my mom told me if we ever got separated, just stay where I was and she would come find me.  I sat down on the steps of the saloon and she came and got me just like she said she would.  I knew my mom wouldn’t leave me there.  I guess all moms aren’t as good as mine.  I just read this story about a 3-year-old boy who reportedly got left in a Utah corn maze Monday night when he went into the maze with his parents they left him behind. The worst part is that the parents never came back for him and the corn maze staff found him and called child protective services. The parents did not call police until Tuesday morning and told them the child might still be in the corn maze.  So, how do you go into a corn maze with your child and forget you brought them.  Things like this just blow my mind.  Then, the worst part is they didn’t even know he was missing until the next day!!  Maybe they went in with 12 kids and just lost count.  Maybe.  Did your parents ever forget you somewhere when you were younger?