Sports Fans Say “We”

Have you noticed that when you are talking about your favorite team, you say “we”, like “we” are actually part of that team.  If you were talking about watching the Price is Right on TV, you wouldn’t say “we gave away a huge prize today”.  But sports fans tend to insert themselves into the success (and failure) of their favorite teams.  “I guess we aren’t going to the World Series this year”.  I have found myself doing this a lot.  Even though I have a co-worker that teases me about not actually being on the team.  I wonder what it is about sports and sports fans that makes that happen.   Maybe it’s the really personal connection we feel to “our” teams.  So I suppose, when “my” favorites win, I feel like “we” won.  And, that way, I can tease the other co-worker about being a “loser” LOL.