What’s Your Holiday Decorating Policy?

All of my holiday decorations are up on the outside of my house. My neighbor saw me doing it the day after Thanksgiving and said he doesn’t decorate till its December. I’d say only half the homes in my neighborhood are decorated right now. And it might stay that way….but some will probably put them up this weekend.The inside of my house might take just a bit longer.  But I try to put it up within a week after Thanksgiving.  When my boys were little, I always waited until after my oldest son’s birthday on the 14th and took it down before my middle son’s birthday on the 31st.

Then there are those people who put their tree up way before Thanksgiving, they can’t wait for Christmas.  They love the lights so much they leave them up well after the holiday, too.

And, then there is this guys I know that never takes his artificial tree down.  He just moves it into the garage until next year LOL.

Or are you one of those people who puts their tree up on Christmas Eve?  Or your outside decorations just a week before Christmas?  I always wondered why you would bother to go through all the trouble of decorating for a weeks worth of enjoyment.

How about you?  What is your house decorating policy?