What men and women spend on gifts

A new survey says women will spend, on average, $170 for holiday gifts for their significant other — but expect gifts worth $250.

Men, on the other hand, say they’ll spend $90 on gifts for their partner — but expect to get something worth $200.

Clearly, the math isn’t working here and everyone should be bracing for disappointment.

Notice that both sexes are going to spend a lot less than what they are expecting to get.  Why is that?  I guess I just try to buy what I want to give to someone, not worry so much about the price, and I really don’t “expect” any specific amount in return.  I guess to me it really is more about the thought than about the amount.  I would rather have someone give me a small but very thoughtful gift than to just slap a few bucks in a card.  That to me is like an afterthought.  The only time I really watch what I spend is  on my kids.  They are grown and want different things, but I try to spend the same amount on each of them.  I guess it’s a mom thing.  But, my grandson is a whole different matter!!!  And next year I will have a granddaughter to spoil too.  I guess I should start saving in January LOL.