Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..

Today is the first real snowfall of the season, down in the valleys anyway.  We had a little over the weekend and kids were playing and building snowmen and it’s really beginning to feel like the holidays.  It’s funny how just a little snow can do that.  Also, most schools are closed today.  My son that graduated many years ago couldn’t believe it.   He said “we never got days off with just this amount of snow….what are they?  Wimpy?”.  I couldn’t help but think of when they were in school and it seemed they always had days off and I was the one that went to school in all kinds of weather.  I thought the same thing then that he is thinking now.  I’m pretty sure my parents thought the same thing, too.  This is how we ended up with the grandparents saying “in my day I used to walk up hill to school in two feet of snow!”  Enjoy your snow day!!