The Super Bowl Recipe Each State Is Searching for the Most

There’s a new map that shows the top Super Bowl side dish each state is searching for.  Chili, wings, sliders, dips, and “sausage  If you haven’t eaten yet, prepare to get very hungry.  Someone looked at recipes each state has been searching for in the lead up to the Super Bowl, and they posted a…Continue Reading

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..

Today is the first real snowfall of the season, down in the valleys anyway.  We had a little over the weekend and kids were playing and building snowmen and it’s really beginning to feel like the holidays.  It’s funny how just a little snow can do that.  Also, most schools are closed today.  My son…Continue Reading

What men and women spend on gifts

A new survey says women will spend, on average, $170 for holiday gifts for their significant other — but expect gifts worth $250. Men, on the other hand, say they’ll spend $90 on gifts for their partner — but expect to get something worth $200. Clearly, the math isn’t working here and everyone should be…Continue Reading

What’s Your Holiday Decorating Policy?

All of my holiday decorations are up on the outside of my house. My neighbor saw me doing it the day after Thanksgiving and said he doesn’t decorate till its December. I’d say only half the homes in my neighborhood are decorated right now. And it might stay that way….but some will probably put them…Continue Reading

Is this a stupid idea or what?

This is in the K-Mart Black Friday flyer. Is it just me, or is the most ridiculous kid’s toy you’ve seen? Why would you want to buy your child his very own assault / sniper rifle? I know that it’s not real, but give me a break!! Especially in light of the recent episodes of…Continue Reading

Terrific Man!

There are not many people who would do what this gentleman has done for his community this year.    Continue Reading

Move over Jesus on Toast….

Now we have Trump in an ear! A two-year-old beagle in England named Chief has a cyst inside his ear that needs to be surgically removed. When his owner discovered it, she was shocked to see that it bears a striking resemblance to President Trump. Jade Robinson took a photo of the infected ear and…Continue Reading

A Real Hero

How many of us would be brave enough to do what this gentleman did? I doubt many… check it out by listening to his own words in this video.    Continue Reading

Is it too early for Christmas music?

I love music.  All music.  I’ve always enjoyed listening to music, even Christmas music.  But at Christmas time, not early November.  I’m just not ready yet.  I know there are a lot of people that agree with me.  There are also a lot of people that don’t.  I guess it’s a matter of what you…Continue Reading