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Too old for Trick or Treating?

10 Signs You’re Too Old For Trick or Treating You get out of breath from knocking on the door. You need to ask someone to chew your candy for you. You ask for high fiber candy. When someone drops a candy bar in your bag, it makes you lose your balance and you fall over.…Continue Reading

I had a serious conversation with someone over the weekend about what the one thing is that I would say is the hardest part of the day to deal with. I couldn’t answer right away, as I knew I’d need to truly lift up the rug and see what was underneath. After taking a couple…Continue Reading


Well, it’s almost October and the countdown to trick or treating will commence. I miss the annual tradition of wearing an extremely flammable costume with a suffocating mask, made even more unbearable by the mile long slit my Mother made in it, so that I could “breathe easier” – making my Yoda look more like…Continue Reading

Tips on Tips

I believe that there are a few jobs that everyone should have to do at least once in their lifetime to have a better appreciation for the job itself. To name a few: retail during the holidays, having to retrieve carts at a supermarket in the following conditions; heat, rain and snow, a tour in…Continue Reading

My Ideal Dream

So, I bought a Powerball ticket the other day (but, as I am posting this blog, it should be obvious that I didn’t win…) and had already set into motion my plans for my life post-Powerball winning. I have simple dreams. I’m not one who desires to travel or to own homes in multiple locations…Continue Reading

Personal Escape

There’s a lot of negativity in this world today and just when you think it can’t get worse, you’re proven wrong. So, how do you escape? What do you do to tune out all of the bad? For me, it is, and has always been, reading. I’m never without a book. I have a satchel…Continue Reading

An unhealthy obsession

Why are we so obsessed with celebrities? We follow them on social media. We mourn when they split with their significant others. We cannot stop looking at any and all photos of their children, pets, even what they have for dinner. What is it that fascinates us so? I don’t think this would be odd,…Continue Reading

The Power of Words

Moist. If you’re a woman, that more than likely made you cringe. It’s one of those words that causes a large portion of the female population to freak out on you when it’s used. Why? There is no scientific reason (that I’ve been able to find); just a word, five letters long, that causes distress…Continue Reading

The LPGA and their new dress code

The LPGA has come under fire recently with their updated dress code regulations.Some are saying the new dress code is sexist and I tend to agree. Removing my gender from this (as a man, I admit that many of the golfer’s are sexy and their attire can accentuate that), I admire above all else the…Continue Reading

To Beer or Not to Beer…

Did you know that in 1809, President James Madison made a serious attempt to establish a National Brewery? He went so far as to enlist former President Thomas Jefferson’s help (you know: back when current and former Presidents would actually work TOGETHER). Part of this National Brewery would have been the appointment of a new…Continue Reading