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The Super Bowl Recipe Each State Is Searching for the Most

There’s a new map that shows the top Super Bowl side dish each state is searching for.  Chili, wings, sliders, dips, and “sausage  If you haven’t eaten yet, prepare to get very hungry.  Someone looked at recipes each state has been searching for in the lead up to the Super Bowl, and they posted a…Continue Reading

Terrific Man!

There are not many people who would do what this gentleman has done for his community this year.    Continue Reading

A Real Hero

How many of us would be brave enough to do what this gentleman did? I doubt many… check it out by listening to his own words in this video.    Continue Reading

Is Chivalry Dead?

Are you more comfortable paying for yourself on a first date ladies? Should you not be expected to pay guys? Check out this latest study.  Continue Reading

Good News For Heavy Drinkers

Here’s something that may help you from emptying the wine bottle just because it’s there. l Reading

Would You Open Up To A Robot Therapist?

Around 20% of the population is depressed which cause many problems with their lives. Silicon Valley has developed a chatbot to help people who don’t want to tell their problems to a human. The WoeBot is available to help people deal with issues. Check it out in this article. Reading

Dogs That Misbehave

Dogs tend to get into things when they are alone at home. Here are some that really have caused messes. Check out the photos.  Continue Reading