Study: Swimsuit Color Could Determine How Safe Child Is In Pool

The color of your child’s swimsuit could have an impact on how safe they are in a pool or on the beach, a new study has found. Conducted by the American Lifeguard Association, the study reveals that children in light blue, gray or green swimsuits “blend with the water” and makes it difficult for lifeguards to spot them. As a result, the time it takes to save them is greatly increased and their chances of survival are reduced, researchers found. “A child’s swimsuit color can significantly impact their visibility in the water, which is crucial in preventing drownings,” says Bernard Fisher, director of health and safety for the American Lifeguard Association. “Bright and contrasting colors stand out more clearly against the water, making it easier for lifeguards and parents to spot a child quickly, especially in an emergency situation.” What do you say would be the best swimsuit color to wear?

photo via Pexels

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